In spite of the efforts of social reformers and other leaders Inter caste Marriage continue to be a taboo in India. Such marriages are result of the love between two minds that have courage to break the caste barriers. It is fact that in inter caste marriages the couple gets married without changing their caste or religion and still lives happily. It took a lot of efforts for such couple to gain the hostile societies confidence and get their due social status. The Government on its part encourage such marriages and even offer rewards.

The inter caste married parents face the greatest obstacle when they want to perform the marriage of their son or daughter. The problem gets more complicated in choosing the caste of the would be bride or groom. In spite of crossing the caste barriers in their own marriage they fail to arrive at a decision in choosing the life partner for their son or daughter. Most of the time the relatives who have joined them at a later date try to influence their decision or the dominant partner among the couple try to have the say. It is a painful and hurting fact that the profile of their son or daughter gets the least priority even among their own castes.

The matrimonial websites play a stellar role in coming to the rescue of such parents. Growing number of inter caste parents are registering online to find a suitable match for their son or daughter. The facility to search for a suitable profile online without revealing their identity helps them to search in peace without the nagging influence of their relatives or marriage brokers. The registration with online matrimonial websites enables them to come across a good number of like-minded people or similarly married parents, thus helping them to find the life partner for their son or daughter easily.

The feature provided by the matrimonial websites to announce their caste preferences or no such preference allows them to narrow their search and zero on a prospective bride or groom. It is a fact that some of them are able to get proposal for their son or daughter from a totally different inter caste parentage, thus paving way for their wards to further dilute the caste dogma.