Recent news item appeared in the Mail Online a publication owned by the Daily Mail, the UK, has brought out an interesting reading. It narrates the love secret of 107 year old Karam and 100 year old Katari who continued to remain married for 87 years. The marriage longevity period surpasses the existing Guinness world record by almost 5 years. The news comes as a breather during a time when the divorce rate is predictably increasing in India.

The couple who have come from Punjab, India, currently lives in the UK with their son. Katari fondly shared how she cooked fresh vegetarian meal every night to the taste of her husband Karam and how she willingly shared her chapatti for his good health while, it helped her to stay slim. Karam on his part narrated how he used to tell jokes to his wife to keep her laughing and happy all the time. He further said that spending most of their time together assisted them to sustain their marriage relationship.

Karam believes that taking time to talk and listen to each other despite their busy schedule will assist the present day couple to keep their marriage intact. He wants them to change their life meddling schedule of working, and take time off from watching TV and movie to spend time together to listen to each other intimately. He wanted the present day couple to listen to their partner with understanding and assist him or her to overcome their anxieties and worries.

The happy couple who underwent an arranged marriage and living in bliss will be celebrating Katari’s 100th birth day and Karam’s 107th birthday in November 2012. The honorable Mayor of Breadford and a very good gathering of community members are expected to join the occasion to make it merrier.

The Mail Online Editionreports the following FIVE TIPS that helped them to keep the marriage alive the romance continuing.

Always be faithful: always be faithful to one another. When you get married you commit to devoting your life to that person and even when the times are tough, don’t believe that the grass is greener…because it isn’t.

Look after each other as best you can: if you want to grow old with your partner you have to make sure you always look after each other in every shape and form. Whether it is making a meal, holding your partners hand when crossing the road or being a shoulder to cry on when something goes wrong.

Be tolerant of each other: everyone has bad habits or annoying traits. Whether it is leaving a towel on the floor or listening to the radio too loudly, you have to tolerate each other and realise that no one is perfect. Of course we irritate each other occasionally, but if you want to last nearly 90 years, learn to love bad habits or it won’t work.

Listen to each other: the most important thing in a relationship is to listen. People don’t listen anymore because they are too busy with work and TV. Listen to your loved ones’ problems and concerns every day, because then you can help them overcome them and be happier. Also, it brings you closer together because you are the first port of call for each other when there is an issue in your life.

Follow social and religious values: always make sure you follow social or religious values. Respect, care, cherish, love and value your partner – always treat them how you would want to be treated yourself.