CommunityMeetIt was mid day of a week in August and unusually, the front office was not crowded on that day. Only two women who came to register for their brother were interacting with the front office staff. The watchman who was sitting at the gate got up to guide a car that was coming in. A senior person estimated to be around 65+, dressed in safari type of dress (once a most fashionable and on demand type of dress) got down from the car with his wife and walked into our office.

The couple came to register for our services to find a suitable life partner for their son employed in one of the fortune 500 companies in the USA. The front desk official greeted them, offered them the seat and asked them about their preference to have a cup of coffee. While accepting the coffee the senior person got introduced himself as having retired from a very senior position from an Indian Government owned public sector undertaking.

The front desk official explained them about various schemes and their merits. All through the conversation and registration process his wife alone was making all the talking and asking all the pertinent questions. The senior man was sitting unattached without taking part in the discussion. He sat like an observer without interacting and participating in the conversation. His conduct was totally new and looked a bit odd to us. At KM Matrimony we have always seen parents remaining eager and anxious to have an early marriage for their son or daughter. They invariably will be more enthusiastic to ask a range of questions.

Incidentally, on that day our Chairman Thiru Kalyanamalai Mohan was at the office. It is customary of Mr. Mohan to greet who ever come during his availability at the office, exchange pleasantries and ask for details. He was watching the visitor from the time of his entry into the office and was curious to know the reason for his uninterested attitude. Mr. Mohan waited for the front desk official to complete her part, greeted him and made casual enquiries about him, wife and his son.

The senior person said ‘I came to register here because my wife has insisted for it. We have registered almost with all the matrimonial companies and we have registered here too’. He added that ‘all the matrimonial companies including yours just register the profiles, swell your data base and ask the members to do the rest online including the horoscope matching by using a software available at the website. You don’t have any personal touch at your disposal in this very sensitive issue to help the clients register with you. Even the old-time marriage broker was having that touch and understanding in his match making process.’ Mr.Mohan listened to every word of him with rapt attention and waited for him to end.

The senior person then questioned ‘how you can take credit for a marriage that has taken place only due to the efforts of your registered user in finding his/her life partner from your data base? What is your contribution to take the credit for that marriage if it takes place, but for your role of just providing the data base?

Mr.Mohan, held his hand, comforted him and said that KM Matrimony (Kalyanamalai) is different from other matrimonial service providers. He gave a brief on the services offered by KM Matrimony and explained that KM Matrimony is the only matrimonial service provider having its presence in all types of medias such as TV, WEB, Print and Events. He detailed how Kalyanamalai Magazine the only matrimonial magazine with over 1500 colour profiles of the registered users reaches over 60,000 households every fortnight and enjoys a conservatively estimated readership of over 1,80,000.

He then explained about the Varan Thedum Peruvizha & Mega Community Meets organised under the Kalyanamalai banner and how Kalyanamalai painstakingly distribute all the registered profiles during such meets, thus offering the best exposure to the profiles, within their communities, to speed up the marriage process. He gave the details about how a TV monitor will show the registrants’ particulars during a Mega Community Meets and how an official specially designated for the purpose will explain the details to the participants of each community. He defined how such Mega community meets enable one-to-one interaction within the community and help in early fixing of the marriage.

He further explained how the back office of KM Matrimony regularly interact with all the registered users (except the web only users), either for sending them new profiles or seek their permission to send their profile to another matching profile.

Finally he gave details about the Vivaha Prarthana program, Swayamvara Parvathi Homam and other Homams, conducted by Kalyanamalai, exclusively for the blessings of an early marriage to all the wedding aspirants registered with KM Matrimony and all the others who wait for such blessings.

For the first time, the senior person appeared to be relieved and relaxed. He started smiling and looked at his wife, then took the hand of Mr. Mohan and said ‘Now I know that I have come to a right place and my son’s marriage will happen soon’. He left the office with a face that was showing the joy of his heart. The incident did not end here.

Braving the rains he came to attend the Mega Community Meet, held on 21st October 2012 at Anna Nagar, Chennai, with his wife and participated in the meet held for his community.

After about 10 days he called our office at 4.00 PM to know on Mr.Mohan’s availability to meet him in the evening. Luckily Mr. Mohan who came back from a tour in the morning was in the office and it was conveyed to him. Around 5.00 PM the same car entered the office. This time the senior person got down from the car with his wife and son with all smiles and with a box of sweets. He explained how he could get a matching profile for his son at the Anna Nagar Meet and announced the finalisation of the marriage. He thanked Mr. Mohan and the staff for the efforts. He appreciated the personal interest taken by KM Matrimony and its vital role in promoting individual profiles to achieve early marriage for its members