Horoscope_MarriageA recent research on the average marriage age in India indicates that men marry at the age of 26 years, while the women marry at the age of 22.2 years. This survey includes men and women from rural, semi-urban and urban locations. It is found that educated men and women with an urban background marry at least four years later than the rural or semi-urban men and women at the age of 30 plus and 26 plus respectively.

The main reason for the late marriage among the urban living is their expectations about would-be partner and their belief in horoscope matching and astrology. Except the love marriages, most of the marriages take place within caste and sub-castes consider the financial background and give more importance to horoscope matching and other astrological compatibility.

Most of the time, for the horoscope matching and astrological consultations, the bride and groom’s families try to get the opinion of their own chosen or family astrologers. On a number of occasions the horoscope that was found to be matching for the bride’s family does not match for the groom’s family and vice versa. In such a situation the proposal that was found to be good in all respects gets rejected. Most of the times, such rejection takes place on trivial horoscope incompatibility.

Most of the times, the bride or groom whose family gives more importance to horoscope matching will find it difficult even to get suitable profiles at one stage because of the several years lost in getting a perfect horoscope matching profile. Most of the time the otherwise qualified bride or groom find that they no more in demand among the active profile seekers. They feel dejected for having rejected a number of profiles that otherwise suited their qualification and expectations.

The parents play a vital part in the early marriage of their son or daughter especially those with a good qualification and urban background. They must realise that a perfect horoscope matching should not come in the way of their son or daughter’s marriage if they liked the chosen profile.