Working-CoupleEducation has empowered a woman to seek employment and the present economic conditions requires her to contribute to the running of the family. Unlike the women of yesteryear, who chose to stay at home after the marriage to manage  the household work and the family members, the women of today opt to continue their employment. She wants her job to share the expenses to manage the family and to have a monetary cushion in running the family.

Often a woman who manages both her employment and the family feel stressed due to the increased work load. In the process, she also don’t want to be dependent on her husband and seek to be independent in managing the household expenses. Most of the husbands continues to consider it as wrong and such an action contributes to ego clashes between the couple leading to family conflicts.

It is essential to understand and uphold the values of marriage to enable the marriage-life running smoothly. Both the husband and the wife need to understand that timely compromise, understanding and sacrifices for the sake of others will add value to their marriage life and strengthen the bondage between them.

The following simple tips if taken in proper perspective will enable the couple to have a blessed married life

Tips for the wife

  • Try to have a clear understanding between your office role and family role. Never carry the tensions of the office to the house or the problems of the house to the office. Learn to set aside them at the appropriate places only.
  • Do not insist on your husband to listen to all your informal conversations also known as office gossips if he doesn’t show curiosity for it.
  • Stay clear from promoting or praising your office male colleagues or your boss more than necessary. As a male he may feel envious and may even distrust you.
  • Never feel supercharged about your independence or individuality especially before your husband.
  • At no time give a picture to your husband that you never depend on him and your husband has no justification to suggest or correct you.
  • Don’t be spendthrift just because you remain employed and earning
  • Never have conflicts over trivial issues and complicate your life.
  • Lastly, discuss about the raising of the family with your husband. Since it is a touchy subject,  weigh your career options before taking a final decision.

Tips for the Husband

  • Always try to share the household work with your wife if she is working.
  • Leave the decision of joining or leaving a work to your wife. You may suggest her your views, but let the final decision be hers.
  • Understand that having a working wife is always a bliss to the family to improve the living conditions and to have increased money flow.
  • Never suspect her fidelity  and her official talking with her boss or colleague.
  • Never try to go with her to her office picnics or parties suspecting her character.

A simple give and take policy by the husband and wife will avoid much of the conflict and enable running the family smoothly.