MatrimonialWebsitesIn a recent KM Matrimony arranged matrimonial community meet held in Chennai, we met an NRI parent,  who had been living in the USA for a several years. He wanted to know the difference between an online matrimonial website and an online friendship, dating or a relationship website. He argued that ultimately all the websites always end in the process of creating a relationship between a man and a woman. Though, superficially his argument about creating relationship appears to be okay,  there is a vast difference between a matrimonial website and the other dating type of web sites.

Dating websites do not lead to marriages

Dating, friendship and relationship websites have come very recently in India. Though, such websites appears to help those who want to fall in love with a chosen someone, understand the other perfectly before marrying, in actual practice they do not. Most of the tech savvy people especially men, who register on such websites, use the website for getting acquainted with a like-minded  opposite sex, and do not consider marriage as an end goal.

It is always seen that only  those, who lack self-confidence about getting married,  normally register in such friendship or dating websites. It is a fact that such registrants who are uncertain about their own marriage will never stay serious or commit to marry any one whom they meet on such websites. In fact, they will not hesitate to use even the flimsiest chance that comes in their way to flirt or have some fun.

The advantages of matrimonial websites

Unlike a dating or friendship website the users of a matrimonial website register in the website with a sole purpose of getting married. The people who use matrimonial websites are more committed in life than those who use dating or friendship websites.

In fact, a reputed  online matrimonial website like KM Matrimony, will  offer its users an opportunity to select someone with the same turn of mind, exchange online information, make personal talk before choosing him/her as her/his life partner. The user can easily find those fake users and those without any frame of mind for the marriage to isolate or avoid from reaching.

Most  of the registered matrimonial profiles, though managed by the individual registrants, also involve parents, guardians and friends in making the final decision about a marriage.