Managing_lonelinessEducation has helped most of the women to join an employment and contribute to the family kitty. A majority of them continue to be employed after the marriage to have some financial cushion to manage the expenses. In some of the cases when they marry some one employed in a different city or country, they leave their employment to join their husband. The marriage, starting and managing a family of their own thrills most of them and they start dream about it.

In reality the bride who joins her husband at a different city or country after her marriage will not be very comfortable. She will feel the boredom and loneliness, when her husband leaves for his employment after the short vacation. She will feel like a fish out of water, when she starts living among the unknown faces. But following the following diversified steps will help them to overcome their lonely stress.

Start reading the local paper

Reading local news paper will help you learn most of the things that happen locally and it will also help you to know the local market trends.

Go for a walking

Make it a practice to go for a walk in the morning as well as in the evening depending on the weather conditions. It will help you to meet unknown people and get their friendship.

Participate in local happenings

If you are living in a housing colony try to go around to get acquainted with surroundings.Voluntarily make friendship with the other people living in the colony, Also take part in the celebrations that take place in colony.

Share with your neighbors

If you are expert in cookery share your preparations with your neighbors.

Teach the young  children

You may also take tuition classes for the children. Such an attempt will help you to get the friendship of their parents and in turn more people.

Arrange a small party

You can also arrange a small party and invite the colony people or neighbors.

Learn the local language

Learn the local language with interest and your interactions with your neighbors in local language will help you get more friends.

Join some short-term courses and hobby classes

Your joining short-term courses while gives you the much-needed diversification will also help you to acquire more qualification. Similarly some of the hobbies may also help you to earn money while allowing you to use your spare time usefully.

Be in touch with your old friends

Never loose contact with your old friends at your native place. Remaining in regular contact with them will help you to share the information and will help you to understand the well-being of your parents if they live there.