MarriageA person with a good sense of humor will always be the most sought after person in a group and he/she can befriend anyone with ease. A recent survey indicates that most of those waiting for a marriage preferred an intelligent humorous partner to a beautiful partner. It is a proven fact that those who enjoy a sense of humor, will always have high tolerance levels and enjoy their life as it comes without stress. It is a bliss to have a life-partner blessed with a sense of humor.

Sense of humor increases intimacy

The reason quoted by most of the current day couples who seek divorce is dull and draggy relationship with their partner. In other words they lead a marriage life that is devoid of any fun. On the contrary,a person with a sense of humor will tolerate unfavorable conditions better than a normal person and use his/her sense of humor to defuse the situation and bring normalcy with the partner. His/her infectious sense of humor will always make them to stay closer to their life partner.

Breaks the harder situations

A marriage life without arguments and counter arguments is also not a healthy sign. Such a marriage will tend to stagnate at one stage making one partner as dominant and the other is dormant. But excess of argument also will lead to unpleasantness and brings a stalemate at one stage. A partner with a sense of humor can easily defuse the situation without allowing it simmer and surface again. They can break the ice and make any unpleasant moment livelier.

Keeps the marriage lively and young

It is a universally known fact that sense of humor blesses one with a healthy mind and body. A life partner with a sense of humor will always keep the other engaged with regular fun talk and keep them involved. Such a sense of humor normally keeps the couple together, increases the trust between them, helps them to run the life devoid of boredom and stress, thus keep them young mentally and physically.

 Motivates to move ahead in life

Couple with a sense of humor will never feel stressed and will be blessed with a free unclogged mind. The free mind enables them to indulge in self-motivation without stress and stay ahead in life.

It must be noted that sense of humor is an inborn quality and it can also be acquired with a sincere approach to life and practice. Sudden embracing of it and practicing it for the sake of situation will not bring the desired results.

Practice to stay humorous and stay happily in life.