So, you are ready to get married. Remember, you are deciding on your life-long commitment that will determine the rest of your life. Therefore take a few more steps to go beyond the good looks of your would be partner, horoscope match and the shared interests. Try to look for the following essential qualities in him/her. This will be universally applicable to every marriage aspirant other than those who are blind in love and cannot look beyond it.

Right Family Background

A marriage, more than bringing two individuals together, also creates a lifelong relationship between two families. For a long committed marriage, such relationship should be good enough to nurture and grow. In strengthening such a relationship tradition, culture, religion and life values play an important role. The other factors that also play a significant role include food habits, life style, religious beliefs and others. It is always advisable to choose your life partner with a typical background of yours.

Level of Maturity

Here we discuss the mental maturity of a person to shoulder and manage the family after the marriage. He/she should be mentally prepared and ready to right decisions when required. The level of intellectual maturity also need to be complimented by emotional and physical compatibility for the success of a marriage. Try to gauge the mental maturity of your would be partner before nodding your head for the marriage.

Sense of Humor

It is a proven fact that a person with a sense of humor survives the marriage life better than a person without it. A person with a sense of humor will know the art of motivating the partner in the days of crises. He/she can break-the-ice in any harder situation to keep the marriage intact. Above all the infectious sense of humor will keep the couple stay together even during problematic situations.

Financial Preparedness

Unlike the earlier days where the husband remained the sole breadwinner for the family, presently both the husband and the wife earn for the family. The rising prices, and the changing living conditions demands it. A steady income and adequate bank balance is needed to start the new family and to provide lean-back support in case one of the partner looses his/her job. When both the partners contribute to the family kitty, it becomes essential to know the spending habits of the would be partner. It is also wise to discuss on spending for the family, saving, and dealing with individual bank accounts.

Few Others

Personal hygiene, respect to others, mutual trust, comfortable communication are few more aspects that needs clarity.

Learn to be assertive in taking a decision about your future life partner because it is one decision that can make or mar your life ambitions.