The Kalyanamalai SUN TV program is regularly viewed by the Tamil Diaspora living all over the world. The program has helped thousands of alliance seekers to get married and settle in their life happily. Though the Kalyanamalai SUN TV shooting program (Varan Arimugam and Pattimandram) was earlier conducted in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE, for the first time it was arranged in six cities in the USA.

When Kalyanamalai conveyed the idea to organize its Kalyanamalai SUN TV shooting programs in the USA, a number of Tamil Sangams/Associations spontaneously expressed their willingness to organize the program. In order to reach out the maximum number of Tamil population living in the USA, the places such as New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, San José, Dallas and Houston were selected as venues. The America Tamil Sangam, Connecticut Tamil Sangam, New Jersey Tamil Sangam, Kalalaya California & Bharati Tamil Sangam, Metroplex Tamil Sangam and Sri Govindan Somaskanthan represented the respective places to organize the program.

Two specialist pattimandram teams, one led by Saloman Pappiah, with Pattimandram Raja and Bharathi Bhaskar and another led by Bakkiyaraj with Pandiyarajan and Sumathi were chosen to thrill the USA audience. Local talents from the respective places were identified, trained and encouraged to participate as other speakers in the program. It is worthwhile to mention here that a number of present day pattimandram speakers were identified by Kalyanamalai, given training and continuously encouraged to excel.

The participating Tamil associations and sangams in various states, had arranged the halls at strategic locations to conduct the program and took responsibility to arrange the other essentials to organize the shooting. Regular promotional mails were sent to other associations in the USA about the program to encourage more participation of bride or groom seekers in the Varan Arimugam program of Kalyanamalai Mohan.

All the Kalyanamalai members residing at the USA were reached and explained about the benefit of participating in the alliance introduction program. The parents of such alliance seekers living in India were contacted and appraised of the advantages to encourage the participation of their son or daughter in the program. Such information promotion activities enabled more number of alliance seekers in the USA to take part in the Varan Arimugam program.

For the members, who have shown interest to take part, call letters were issued in advance to enable easy participation from the places of their interest. For assistance Kalyanamalai members were encouraged to give their phone number. The Kalyanamalai staff posted at the specially arranged call center in Chennai called back such members to clarify doubts and to provide details.

The Kalyanamalai team, led by Thiru Kalyanamalai Mohan and Thirumathi Meera Nagarajan, commenced its first leg of the tour with an arranged Matrimonial Meet at Washington DC on 13th October. On the east coast of the USA the program was arranged at New York on 18th October, Connecticut on 19th October and New Jersey on 20th October. The team continued its west coast tour with programs arranged at San Jose, California on 25th October, Dallas, Texas on 26th October and concluded its tour with the program at Houston, Texas on 27th October.

Kalyanamalai extends its whole-hearted thanks to Tamil Sangams and Associations in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, San Jose, Dallas and Houston and other parts of the USA for making this trip a success. We look forward to have the pleasant experience of serving the Tamil diaspora living in various parts of the USA again.