img1For the old timers especially for those who were born in 40s and 50s the very word preparing for the marriage may look very odd. Most of them underwent arranged marriages and even those who married on love never were having such compulsions or fixations of today to prepare for the marriage. But, believe me, for todays living conditions you need to prepare for the marriage both mentally and financially. It applies to both the would be husband and wife.

Remember the marriage is not for the boys and girls. It is for the mentally grown up men and women. Because, it will have an impact on your home, family, living style, followed cultures and customs and your own living style, you must get ready to undergo such changes.. The changes you will normally undergo after your marriage requires you to develop a kind of flexibility in your mindset. You must learn to and geared up to have an outlook that will not rebel but remain ready to compromise. Such a preparation becomes easy for those who have faith in the institution of marriage and the happiness it extends.

Understand your personal nature

Marriage brings in a true kind of relationship and a foundation for your life. Under the conditions it is essential to have self introspection to understand your own personal traits. When you want to find a right person as your partner in your married life, it is essential to understand what type of person you are. Try to learn about your likings, your habits, your personal traits, your selfless attitude, your nature of communication and ability to share your ideas and others. Do a simple introspection to find whether your personal traits matches your expectations on your life partner. Such an exercise will help you to correct your lacunae if any before the marriage.

Essential Traits

The researchers have identified the personal traits such as flexibility, extroversion, assertiveness, self-esteem, love and commitment as essentials for any person who look forward to get married and enjoy a successful married life. Similarly if the couples possesses the traits such as conflict management, power sharing, unanimity in ideas, uninterrupted clear communication skills, intimacy and sharing the responsibilities, they will be able to lead a happy married life. If you are planning to get married prepare yourself to acquire the missing traits in you.

Get financial empowerment

Unlike yesteryears where men alone were considered as breadwinners of the family, the changing times and technological innovations now helps both men and women to stay employed and earn to support the family. It is logical for them to have enough financial cushion before getting married. Also, they must envisage a long-term financial planning for the smooth running of the family.

Position yourself to assume responsibilities

It is essential for both men and women to positively place themselves to assume responsibilities. Remember the proper sphere or the extent of your activities will extend further after the marriage. After the marriage you may also have to assume the responsibility of your partner’s family. Here the responsibility does not denote just monetary sharing it is also includes the quality time you can spend with them to assume such responsibilities.


All those mentioned above are essential traits that will allow you to get engaged to enter into wedlock.