Few weeks back I attended a social gathering and met a number of my old friends with their families. Most of the couple who came for the function were married for over 15 to 25 years and some of them for more than 30 years. I observed the following as the success of their marriage.

Give a sweet burial to the bad past

You must learn to accept and practice in not making your present and future a reminder of your bad past. Never allow your bad past to ruin your present. You must discover ways take on the changes without allowing your anger to haunt you, fear or disappointment retentivities of the past taking over you. Learn to bury your bad past and never allow it to step-in to your present or the future. In such a way you will be left with only sweet memories of life.

Learn to forgive

You may find it odd if I suggest you forgiving helps you to lead a happy life. It is difficult to see someone who is not offended and badly hurt by others in life. Similar incident might have taken place in your life too. You might have suffered a mental hurt that is strong enough to justify a fitting retaliation. May be you are waiting for such an occasion. But learn to just forgive him/her. You don’t need to go personally to that person, your one time friend, enemy, relative, boss in the office or your neighbor and utter the words. Just do it mentally when you are calm. Take a few minutes to say it loudly within yourself and take a vow to not to remember it. It will make wonders to you to take away the bitterness from your heart and mind.

Put up things in place

You may find it queer if I mention that remaining tidy really keeps you happy and healthy. Just rewind your mind to recall on how many days you were late to the college or office because you did not remember where you left the bike key or car key? How many times you paid fine to the library for not returning the book in time? How many times you missed an important marriage muhurtham or an office function because your forgot the place where you kept your power glass? .the dress you wanted to wear for the occasion was not found. All such incidents would have messed up your day, stressed you more and made you helpless. Just take a little time to keep things in the alloted places every day. You will find a total change in your approach and you will never be late for any occasion.

Shed your inhibitions

Never allow your marriage life to make you subdued or inhibited. Share your favorite passions and pastimes with your life partner and listen to their sharing. If you are lucky your partner may also enjoy similar passions and pastimes.If not don’t get disheartened, try to continue yours without encroaching your partner’s interest or time. Do not miss the movie of your favorite actor, or a meet with your school day friends. Never miss the program of your favorite drama troupe or dance troupe or the cricket match of a visiting team. If you are fond of wearing a jeans pant and tee-shirt or a simple plain saree, just wear it. If a long walk at the beach or an early morning prayer at the temple brings you solace just continue it without waiting for some one to join you.

Try to have a Hobby

It is essential to develop and have a hobby that has no relationship with your daily routine or your career. You may join a cookery or paint class or just a language learning class. You may even start collecting various country coins or stamps. If you have enough space to develop a kitchen garden just try it. You may also try to spend your time in teaching others what you know very well.

Learn to save

Choose a day to leave out your smoking, gambling, tobacco chewing or just spending money on new cloth buying habit. If you are successful then try to choose some other habit that is draining your money source. Start saving the money saved from stopping such habits.

Eat the Right food

Change your food habits as you grow old. Remember your choice of food plays a major role in your health maintenance. Avoid the food items that cause excessive gas, heaviness in stomach or heart burn. Change over to fibrous and easily digestible less fatty foods that won’t clog your arteries. Add fresh fruits, sprouted grains and good amount of water in your daily diet.

Sleep healthily

Try to enjoy a minimum of seven hours of blissful sleep every day. Walking in the evening, finishing your simple dinner at least two hours before your sleep time, drinking milk and a warm bath before bed are some of the good sleep inducers, try them for a good night sleep. Never go for self medication of sleeping tablets. Keep your mind calm by listening to soothing music.