Nirbhaya, the name will bring in vivid memories of a brutal gang rape that took place in New Delhi and shocked India. Nothing has changed even after two years of the incident, which took place on December 16th 2012. The young physiotherapy intern travelling with her male friend got beaten up and gang raped in a moving private bus. A team of lustful and mindless young men have robbed her dream and shattered the hope of her family. In a similar incident, more than 60 men took their turn to molest two women in Mumbai and girl students including a foreign tourist, were ill-treated in known cities such as Kochi and in Patna.

Such news items appear almost every day in news papers, makes the reader appalled. Never a day goes, without the sensational news about someone ravaging the modesty of a woman or women in some part of India or other. When I read such news it makes me mentally freeze at least for a moment and I feel sad. Why there is a spurt in such news in the papers now-a-days? Why such news items have become a regular feature in a country that is known to have given highest respect to women? Where we are heading for? But, there are no immediate answers for the questions.

Anyone who is familiar with our epics Ramayana and Mahabharata will remember the amount of importance given to the leading characters such as Sita and Draupati. Those who know the north Indian and south Indian history will immediately recall the names of Jhansi Bhai or Rani Mangammal, well-known queens, who fought the English invaders.

Our Vedic scriptures were univocal about women’s significance in a society. The scriptures have categorically stated that any country that wants to come out from the clutches of its evil forces and make progress should always depend upon its women. In India women were also known as Shakti, a divine force that determines the good and bad happenings around us. Though, the medieval period saw a decline in power and the societal importance given to women. Again, the turnaround was found in the first part of the 20th century due to continuous reformations in society and more women opting for higher education.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), statistics state that from 2487 cases in 1971 the number of reported rape cases have gone up to 24206, a whopping 873.3%. India, once a conservative country has opened up for globalization for its economic growth. The opened flood gates enabled more foreign collaborations to build manufacturing facilities within India and boosted the economic and employment opportunities. The country became more liberal to accommodate and accord social acceptance to love marriages, homosexuality, pre-marital sex and live-in-relationship. Introduction of BPO working culture while generated more employment opportunities created further dimensions to the relationship between men and women.

A look into most of the rape cases will reveal, the dreadful offices against women were either committed by never married or divorced men. Men are always known to crave for a passionate relationship to share their love. Only a marriage whether arranged or love-marriage will give that increased passion and love to them. Marrying at the right age while offer them love and affection also will increase their responsibilities towards the family.

The parents play a vital role in encouraging their children to marry at the right age and arrange for it.