Vivaha PrarthanaIn India, from ancient times marriage has been given a special place and respect in our culture and tradition. It is the earnest desire of every parent to fix up the marriage of their daughter or son at the right age with a suitable life partner. Though every parent aspires to complete the marriage easily in time, for some of them it becomes difficult and drive the parents to a mentally traumatic condition. The parents, while praying for an early marriage in their family also pray for a good bride or groom for the lifelong happiness. Such parents start performing pariharams and special prayers at the designated temples known to bless for an early marriage.

It is proven fact that joint or collective prayers offer more benefits than an individual prayer. The VIVAHA PRARTHANA program initiated by Kalyanamalai is one such attempt to benefit immediate fruitful marriage to all those waiting for a marriage. In the arranged program the marriage aspirant or the parents will get the benefit of performing archana to Swayamvara Parvathi Devi by pronouncing her 1008 holy names using flowers. The Koti archana is completed by the participation of 10000 devotees. After the completion every 1008 holy names archana Maha Deepam is shown and neivethyam (offering) is performed. The mass prayer not only benefits the marriage aspirants with early immediate marriage, also blesses them with a happy married life.

Kalyanamalai MNC VEL Kalyana MandapamFor the benefit of all the wedding aspirants Kalyanamalai has arranged for a VIVAHA PRARTHANA – Koti Nama Archana at Kalyanamalai MNC VEL Kalyanamandapam on 8th March Sunday. The pooja starts at 7.00 AM on that day is expected to get concluded around 4.00 PM in the evening. All the marriage aspirants and parents assembled at the venue for the pooja will be asked perform sankalpam mentioning their name or the name of their closed ones to get the real benefit of Pooja.

Experienced, learned and well-trained Vedic scholars will start the pooja with traditional invocation to Maha Ganapathi. In the Swayamvara Parvathy Pooja, the goddess Parvathy and God Siva will be presented as Kokilambal and Udvaganathar of Thirumanancheri, where, the marriage of them is supposed to have taken place. While, the marriage aspirants and parents use flowers to perform the archana, the Vedic Scholars will use gold dipped Swarna Kamalams, to perform the archana. All the 10000 participants will use the given Vivaha Prarthana pooja procedure booklet to perform the pooja. They will sit in an arranged order and use flowers to perform the 1008 nama archana. Prasadam will be distributed to the participants after the completion of every 1008 nama archana.

In every Vivaha Prarthana event we see the number of people making sankalpam is increasing. It clearly indicates the growing level of faith for the Vivaha prarthana pooja and the ever-increasing level of beneficiaries.

For the benefit of the participants Kalyanamalai has arranged for pickup  services from various locations of the city. Come and join us at the Vivaha Prarthana on 8th March 2015 at MNC VEL Kalyanamandapam, Muthu Koundanputhur (opposite to Sular Railway Station), Coimbatore.

Call 98408 91400 / 98408 91300 for details.