Now you are ready to marry.  I am not going to suggest you whether you should undergo an arranged marriage or only a love marriage.  I leave it to you, but, just wanted to remind you about a few ground rules to remember before you start searching for your lifepartner.

Never allow your emotions to overrule the realities

Before allowing your emotions to take control of your marriage decision, take a break and allow your sense to prevail. A marriage is not going to be a temporary relationship that will end soon, it is still considered a lasting lifelong relationship. Learn to understand your own priorities, potentials and the thorny issues that will have a bearing on your marriage. Try to ask critical questions to understand, reconcile and decide. You may take the guidance of your family and friends but you and you only know whether your decision is right.

Never assume the future

It is a fact that when a woman marries a man she marries with a hope that she can change him. But a man marries a woman with an idea that she will never change and will always remain mute meeting his demands. This is a wrong approach on both the counts ie. expecting someone to remain without changing and anticipating to change some one. You must try to accept  your would be wife or husband as they are without assuming ot sesiyinh for a change in future.

 Never impose your emotions on your partner

Emotions are part of our every day life, but remember not to make your life as a part of your emotions. Learn to control your emotions and never use your partner as an outlet to vent your emotions. Try to earn the confidence of your partner to overcome your emotions and have faith in her/him.

Never neglect the emotions of your partner

Remember your partner will have his/her own emotional needs to address to. Consider such occasional emotions as stress relievers and assist your partner to get rid of his/her emotions with mutual trust. Remember the emotional stress buster may be the use of just kind words, a pacifying hug or fulfilment of a sexual desire. Never create an artificial barrier that will prevent you from knowing your partners emotions and viceversa.

Never carry that closed outlook

Enjoy the marriage as an opportunity to grow together with your lifepartner. Always share your thought process on life plans mutually and give room for suggestions and changes. Ensure that you don’t use words that will portray ambiguity of your support. Discuss your beliefs, values and lifestyle together only to enhance the values.

Never indulge in premarital sex related activities

Encouraging or indulging premarital sex activities or physical activities is not considered a good sign even at this What’sapp environment. Not yielding to the urge or pressing for it will certainly enhance your image with your partner. Also, such refraining  will save both of you from untoward consequence before the marriage.

Never marry someone who is emotionally empty

People who are emotionally empty will always carry negative thoughts, feel insecure and suffer from their own dificiences. You will not find them having close friends and will always remain isolated distrusting people. They will be self-centered and will feel the meeting others needs as a burden. You will find them abstaining from building a healthy relationship.