KM_Online_MatrimonyWe see a visible change in the perception of the alliance seekers about seeking their partner online. Even parents from tier two cities do not hesitate to register the profile of their son or daughter in online matrimony to find a suitable life partner. The online matrimony helps the parents and profile seekers to search online in their own convenient time without depending on the marriage brokers for assistance.

As a reputed matrimonial company KM Matrimony takes all the precautions to protect the privacy of all its registered users.  Only the photo, contact name and city of living of the users are displayed online. The website also has installed adequate security measures to monitor and stop any shoddy activity.

We want you to take note of some ground rules before start search your partner online. registering your profile online

Initial stage

  • It is advisable to display your photo in your profile to increase the visibility. But exercise more caution when you respond to expression of interest messages.
  • Always take time to back check the profile from which the request is originated to get convinced about the genuineness of the profile before responding to it. You can safely ignore those requests that do not meet your requirements and even block such users from sending future requests.
  • Unless you are convinced never share your personal information and interests during the initial stage of exchanging mails.
  • Never give away your address details unless you are convinced with the request
  • Exercise more caution in exchanging your employment and financial details.
  • Do not share your family details if you are not convinced.
  • Keep your parents or guardian informed about all your marriage web portal related activities and involve them in the interactions.

Personal meeting with the prospective bride or groom

If you and your family are  convinced with the profile then take the next logical step of personal meeting cautiously.

  • Keep your parent/guardian informed about such meeting including the place and time of meeting and seek their guidance
  • Always try to have the first meeting in some public place that is not isolated.
  • It is ideal to arrange the meeting between the parents on the same day at the same location.
  • Never hesitate to ask questions to get satisfied

Report the abusers

Always ensure that your privacy is not encroached or exploited by any online user. You can always block a user who reportedly pests you and inform us to take action against such users. Remember the facilities offered by online matrimony while searching your life partner and use it to your advantage.