If you are travelling or staying in another state or country you will always like to talk with someone who speak your language. The moment you hear someone talking  your language, you will not hesitate to pause and listen to them or if possible join them in the conversation. Such response is universal and no one is exception to it.

Same principle holds good for the people who are married. Here the language does not mean the literary language you speak. It is the spontaneous response you offer to your spouses psychological or behavioral emotions.  It will not come overnight, but, you can achieve it quickly with sincere attempts. Once you and your spouse understands this life language, then you are assured of a bump free life.

Understand your spouse

You and your spouse, can develop a perfect relationship, once you start taking efforts to understand each other. First try to understand his/her passions, believes, plus points, minus points and others. Critically try to match them with your own with a positive approach consciously. If both of you have more positive points to feel pride of, than you are blessed. If more negative points surface then feel yourself more blessed because together you can try to overcome the negatives to achieve a positive life.

Allow your spouse to talk free

Remember to allow your spouse to talk freely and listen without interrupting. Never jump into conclusions before listening your spouse in full. If you are the one who is talking, do not try to be emotional and unwieldy when you talk. Try to convey what you actually feel in a short and simple manner using unambiguous words.  Never get distracted by watching TV or mobile phone, when your spouse expresses his/her feelings. Do not offer solutions unless you are asked to give but always express your willingness to share the burden if needed.

Maintain consistency in relationship

Maintain your relationship with your spouse with perfect consistency. Never allow the love or passion you show in the beginning of your marriage to get diminished. Keep it fresh by appreciating little good things in life and allow the romance to continue afresh. To maintain your relationship with your spouse fresh, first you must learn to not to point out flaws. Finding flaws is considered as a subtle way to change your spouse suiting to your tastes. Such an activity while will not be liked by your spouse and will make him/her move away from you.

Never consider your spouse as your emotional vent

Never emotionally get closed to your spouse and consider him/her as your only source of joy. He/she have every reason to consider it stuffy. Try not to misuse your spouse as a vent for your emotions. There is a lot of difference between sharing happiness with your spouse and using your spouse as your source of happiness. Try to chase your dreams and happiness by not standing over the shoulders of your spouse. Allow them to chase their own dreams and happiness.

Don’t allow debates and arguments crowd your marriage life

Try to avoid debates and arguments. At the same time never try to overshadow a valid point to make it fade. Never expect your spouse to decipher your expectations, try to be clear and unambiguous in your expressions. Also never view a conversation as an opportunity to find  a problem and solve it.

Have a win-win situation

Make your spouse feel his/her importance by sharing the responsibilities without any preconditions. Lastly do not consider your marriage life as a game and try to win over your spouse at every step. Remember to keep your marriage thriving with unspoilt love and by giving respect to right emotions.