A few days back I met  Avinash and his wife Meena at a marriage function. Avinash’s father Ravi was my college mate and we know each other from our childhood days. Avinash got a job at Singapore and even got his residential status. I remember attending his marriage five years back. Since Ravi and his wife Tharini also accompanied them I had no problem to go forward and say hello. We choose a corner at the mandapam and were talking for a long time before completing the dinner at the wedding reception. It pleased me when I found  both Avinash and Meena as good and understanding couple enjoying life happily


Happy couple will make happy family


Living happily is bliss, which can be achieved with little effort by all. If you are cheerful you will stay happy and if you are happy you will remain cheerful. In other words  if you try to look at every event in your life happily enjoying even the bits of it, then cheerfulness will come chasing you. But, remember to live happily and cheerfully after marriage you need your spouses cooperation.  Such happiness should originate from both husband and wife and flow evenly. Happiness is contagious. When the couple in the household remain happy, it will spread to all without exception and makes the family a happy unit.


Happy couple will Synergize a family

Happy couple become motivators in a family. They keep the family on the move without getting lost in the frozen thoughts of the unhappy past. The motivated family move into the process of developing aspirations and set goals and timeframe to meet them. A family led by happy couple will never allow negative thoughts to percolate at any level. The collective efforts of the happy individuals in the family will bring in better results.


Happy Couple will work for the happiness of the other


Happy Couple will never consider their marriage as bed of roses, but, always stay prepared to walk over an unexpected thorn. They know the art of holding their hands to take every forward step with caution. They collectively own the problems to find a solution and never try to disown it. They will remain stoically and stubborn to resolve any problem.


Happy Couple will define the marriage as collective effort


Happy couple won’t make personal credit claims for  the happiness of the family.  They believe and respect the role of every individual in the family for bringing such happiness. They believe in teamwork for the happiness in the family.


Happy Couple will think positively


Happy couple are always proactive. They won’t point finger on the other instead they foresee the problems to bring amicable solutions. They are always on the move happily and don’t wait for the right opportunities to come in their way, instead, they remain ready to chase them and realize them.


Happy Couple will have a line drawn between office and home


Happy couple will remain happy both at home and at the office. While at the office they happily work for the individual goals at home they will together work for collective gains. While, they share what they face as individuals at the office, they will master the practical approach of not making the home as office to vent out their feelings.


Lastly happy couple will collectively rejoice the winning of the other without qualms or barrier.