After nearly 15 years, we met Ramesh and his wife Sujatha at a marriage function in Bangalore. Our families lived together in an apartment complex at Pune. We were the only Tamil families living in the complex and naturally became very closer. Their daughter Suchitra and son Rajan and our only daughter Lakshmi were thick friends. It was his transfer to Delhi and my transfer to Chennai separated us and we lost the contact somewhere.

On the following Sunday Ramesh and Sujatha came to our house at Vijayanagar and spend the day with us. We shared the details of our daughters marriage and told them she live in Australia with her husband and son. Sujatha said, their daughter was married to a software guy and works and lives with him in Houston, USA, with her son. Their son Rajan was recently married and live with them in Bangalore. During the course of conversation Ramesh worriedly said ‘our daughter-in-law is of emotional type and that bothers my son much’. I told him ‘your son must be lucky because he is married to someone who enjoy bondage, who love to be close with people and who loves to live in a closely knitted family’.

Men are different from women

Men always consider themselves a stronger sex and think showing emotions, will showcase them as weak. Most of the men become stoic or unemotional ,to the happenings around them. When they are confronted with problems, unlike women who share it with others, they retreat to seclusion and hide into their own cocoon, retrospecting what went wrong? Such men will become emotionally stressed and prefer to remain isolated.

Women are emotional and caring

Women by nature are made emotional. Known for their caring characteristics, they mingle within the family to nurture and bring it up. Emotions makes them stronger and they show concern to any situation with personal emotions. Her emotional characters are not normally confined to her family, at times it goes beyond the family barrier. Most of the men will view any loss of life in a family from the practical point of view, counting how the family will manage their financial burden in future. Women, on the contrary, will worry about the mental trauma the family members will undergo. The loss of love to the family members especially children.

Women make lively conversations

If you observe any woman, you will find her vibrant and active while talking. You will normally find them, making hand movements, showing all the emotions such as anger, excitement, cheerfulness and distressed mood, while they talk . They are benefited with a sharp memory that remains sensitive to both the good and bad incidences. It will be very difficult to see a emotionless woman.

Man who is married to an emotional woman

If you are married to a emotional woman consider yourself lucky. Try take steps to understand her and what brings her happiness and what makes her sad. Allow her to vent her emotions and listen to her carefully. Volunteer to help her and never ever try to wound her by calling her emotions as foolery. An emotional wife will not normally try to defend or deny, if a mistake is pointed out when she is not at the edge of emotions and will try to change.

Lastly, it is easy for a husband to win over the affection of an emotional woman, if he makes attempts from the first day of marriage. Try to look beyond the surface of emotions to understand her and sympathize with her feelings. Try to show your empathy to her without restrictions to win over her. You will achieve the best results for your efforts. You will enjoy a lasting and caring love that will bind you and your family with unrestricted affection.