If you are someone who believe you can make your wife happy by just making expensive presents to her, change yourself today. Remember you can only create happiness and can never buy it from a shop to present.

Be with her

The first and best way to create happiness in your wife is giving her your time. Your fully devoted time without getting distracted from your laptop, iPhone and all your electronic gadgets. Don’t ever try to make it a routine, at a fixed time and for fixed duration like you are adhering to your dinner or sleep. Let her take your time and enjoy it the way she prefers it, with your mind devoted to all her actions and expressions.

Make her aware

Present day women are born with multitasking capabilities. They excel in their career as well as in managing domestic issues at home. Women don’t love passive and stoic husbands, who are inexpressive and unappreciative. Learn to appreciate her skills, her presence of mind, her dress sense, her saving habits and what ever you find as good in her. Make her aware, you love her and appreciate her contributions. Do not hesitate to thank her. But never ever use shallow words for the sake of praising her. Let the words come from your heart because she can sense them.

Give her your ears

Unlike men who go into cocoon mode when stressed, women by nature are talkative and talk to vent their stress. They will feel happy and feel relieved when you listen to them even on trivial issues. Don’t get angry with her and show impatience to her for eating your time. She will soon learn to adjust to your moods because you have shown her passion, concern and addressed her feelings with your love.

Indulge her with uninhibited love

Make your wife to feel that she gets the best attention from you. Encourage her if she wants to learn and try a new dish for you or learn a new hobby. Give her the confidence she need to perform and make her feel secure with your love. Never allow a dull atmosphere set at home, make it vibrant with your showered love. Make her responsible for your growth and invite her to join your financial decisions. Keep her the queen of your home.

Join her in household chores

Kitchen and cleaning the house are no more the confined exclusive domains allotted to women. With both husband and wife working, don’t let her feel stressed with extra work at home. Make her the boss of the home and ask her to allocate you domestic work. Complete it heartily and joyfully only to assure her you will join her ever.