It is not very difficult to make your husband happy. But, most of the wives fail to learn the trick soon. Keeping little closer proximity to your husband itself will make him happy than anything you buy from a shop as gift.

Show your happiness to your husband

Husbands by nature are possessive and go to any length to make their wives happy. They only know the extremes whether it is happiness or sorrow. According to family counselors and researchers, men consider their marriage as success only when they find their wives happy. As a wife it will be difficult for you to fake your happiness to your husband. Share your thoughts and share your problems with your husband instead of brooding over them yourself and show your happiness when he chip in to bring you relief.

Make everyday a special day

While men love to indulge and celebrate birthdays and marriage anniversaries, don’t wait for the days to have a celebration at home. Try to make everyday in your life with your husband a special day. Surprise him with a special dish, a special outing program or just wear the best dress he bought for you and liked most. Compliment him when he shows his talent and achieve something best. Surprise him with your special gestures and shower him your uninhibited love to make him adore you all through the life.

Allow him to enjoy his self-esteem

Never show your anger and censure your husband in public especially when he is with known people or family. Every male is blessed with a big ego and don’t let your words hurt his ego. By your open criticism you make him lose his confidence and faith in you. Give your husband his own space to enjoy simply allow him to spend his whole day with his friends and watch a game he always wanted to. Try to develop common interests and hobbies to increase your participation.

Make no comparison on living styles

Remember comparing your life style with someone who is above you in status always brings hurt and heart burns. The heart burn becomes more when you make it as a complaint to your husband. Learn to stay contended with what you have and try to motivate the capabilities of your husband to go up in status.

Keep your romance alive and kicking

Don’t allow your responsibilities, household activities, engagement with children or your age to cut down the romance between you two. Keep it alive as the days and years progress with your special gestures and spontaneous love. It is not very difficult, it progresses with every single step you take to go closer to him.

Accept him as what he is

As a wife you will be tempted to mold him and change him to suite your passions. But such activity will kill his spontaneous activities and make him a robot to dance to your tunes. Instead allow him to retain his own identity, strengths, weaknesses and all the unique qualities. Such an attitude make him adore you more.